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    Design Thinker | UX Designer | Photographer

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    Rushikesh Subhedar

    Design Thinker | User Experience Designer | Photographer

    I'm a User Experience Designer, Design Thinker, Photographer, Traveler, and Coffee Enthusiast from beautiful country, India. I am currently living in United States. I majorly contribute to intuitive and visually pleasing web and mobile experiences that include enterprise to consumer applications that not only offer a typical user experience, but also help accomplish key business goals.

    Also, I have been involved in Photography in one form or another for many years. My specialty is Product, Food, Portrait and Experimental photography but I enjoy shooting Abstract, Architecture, Wildlife & Nature too.

    I graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering with majors in Information Technology and also a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) from Human Factors International, USA.

  • User Experience Design


    I have around 12 years of experience as a user experience designer, researcher and product designer.

    My experiences cover the full end-to-end UX/UCD life cycle. I have a passion for creating useful, usable, and desirable products and services. My primary interests lie in the areas of User Interaction Design, Information Architecture, and Usability Testing.


    I have successfully delivered various design assignments within Airlines , Insurance, Banking, Agriculture, Healthcare, Life Sciences and e-Commerce areas.

    Area of Expertise

    User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Rapid Prototyping & Wire-framing and Usability Testing,

    Hands on experience in design thinking ,lean startup and agile methodologies.

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    A detailed design work portfolio is available on request. Please get in touch with me at rushikesh@live.in

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  • Photography

    Over the last few years, photography has become my passion. There is something about photography that relaxes and excites me. There is a certain thrill that I get when taking pictures that cannot be expressed with words.


    My specialty is Product and Food photography but I also enjoy doing other projects like Abstract, Portraits, Architecture, Nature and Landscape . I like to experiment - that also shows in my work. No two projects are ever the same. There's more than one way to bring out the beauty in an image so I play with different tools and techniques until I get the look that I want.

     If you have any questions about my work, any suggetions, I encourage you to drop me a note on facebook OR rushikesh@live.in

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