• Rushikesh Subhedar

    Human Experience Designer | Interaction Designer | Nature Photographer

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    Rushikesh Subhedar

    Human Experience Designer | Interaction Designer | Nature Photographer

    I'm a design strategist, human experience designer, photographer, traveler, and coffee enthusiast living in the United States. I deliver value through intuitive and visually pleasing digital experiences that include creating products that offer a delightful and positive human experience and support key business drivers and organizational goals.


    I am graduated with a Master's degree in Information Technology with a Human-Centered Design specialization and a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. I am also a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) from Human Factors International, USA.


    I have been involved in photography for many years; I like spending time in nature, mostly photographing birds, wildlife, & landscapes.

  • Human Experience Design


    I have around 16 years of experience as a digital experience strategist, user experience designer.

    My experiences cover the full end-to-end UX/UCD life cycle. I have a passion for creating useful, usable, and desirable products and services. My primary interests lie in the areas of digital design strategy, user experience design, information architecture.


    I have successfully delivered various design assignments within Airlines, Insurance, Banking, Agriculture, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and e-Commerce areas.

    Area of Expertise

    Digital & Customer experience strategies, service design, user experience design, information architecture, interaction design, rapid prototyping & wire-framing, and usability testing,

    Hands-on delivery experience with seamless omnichannel digital experiences, digital experience strategies, MVP approaches.

  • Design Process

    I strongly believe in the user-centered design process and always follow the design process during every project execution. I am sharing one of the recent design works to showcase design activities.

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    Problem statement


    Day by day, human beings are trying to achieve more by maximizing the accumulation and consumption of physical facilities. We are becoming unkind, unconcerned to people, nature, and missing our core responsibilities for society and mother earth.


    There is a need for a tool that will help every individual to learn, plan, and adopt gratitude skills to become more sympathetic and a better human being. Also, there is a need for real-time tracking and execution of individuals' social goals and ecological footprints to maintain social and natural harmony.


    User research


    My primary goal was to get more insights into the user personas, understanding users' pain points with traditional practice methods, and their expectations from any prospect practice supporting tool.


    I conducted need-finding research with the help of an online survey and focus group discussion. Primarily, I was looking to gain detailed insights on the user's current state journey and the following important aspects; Who are our users? User demographics, User characteristics, Users’ understanding of gratitude and ecological footprint practice, User’s objectives, User primary goals, etc.

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    User persona


    After need-finding exercise (survey and focus group), I did an analysis of user data findings and identified the following personas for the conceptual app:

    • Practice seeker
    • Advanced practitioner 

    Practice seekers are novice users of gratitude and ecological footprint monitoring practice. They are seeking more details about popular and effective practices. They also need frequent scheduling and reminding support to get started with gratitude and ecological footprints monitoring practice.

    Advanced practitioners are expert users who are already practicing gratitude and ecological footprint monitoring without any tools. The objective of the user is to enhance the practice schedules, adopting more practices, tracking practice progress, and motivating others.

    User journey mapping


    I started mapping current state and future user journeys for identified personas. The primary objective of this exercise was to gain how users are performing their gratitude and ecological footprint practices with and without any gratitude notification tool. I gathered more details about what the user is doing, thinking, and feeling while performing various activities.


    Finally, I captured identified opportunities based on the journey map outcomes.

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    User storyboard


    Created an illustrated storyboard to visualize ‘practice seekers to advanced practitioners’ experience with the help of a gratitude notification mobile app. This helped me to get better visibility of how the user interaction would be involved throughout the app experience.


    Low-fidelity wireframe


    Post user journeys and storyboard and Information architecture (IA), I started with conceptual sketches for my design. For low fidelity prototyping, I used Balsamiq mockup's rapid prototyping tool.


    I did identify a few primary components of the design during the low fidelity prototype activity. These components were necessary to engage users with gratitude and ecological footprint practice utility.

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    High-fidelity prototype


    During the high-fidelity prototype, visual design was one of the key aspects of Gratitude Notification Mobile App design. I strongly believe that a clean and concise visual scheme can improve the user experience significantly as a natural urge of the human brain is to see comforting colors on surfaces that are glaring. Along with visual design elements, I did more focus on the Affordances, Signifiers, and Clickability aspect of the design to make offered functions more obvious and intuitive.

  • Resume & Portfolio

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    Check more about my current employment, project experiences, roles and responsibilities, educational and professional certification details. Please get in touch with me at rushikesh@live.in for a detailed resume.

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    A detailed design portfolio is available for online review. Please get in touch with me at rushikesh@live.in for a portfolio access code.

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    View my professional work experience, skills, co-workers & individual professional recommendations.

  • Academic work

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    Gamifying fidget stick and physiological sensors for human stress management.

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    Designing a user-friendly and conversational-based course recommender system.

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  • Photography

    There is something about photography that relaxes and excites me. There is a certain thrill that I get when taking pictures that cannot be expressed with words.


    I most like photographing nature, birds, and wildlife but I also enjoy shooting portraits, landscapes, abstracts, and architecture too. If you have any questions about my work, any suggestions, I encourage you to drop me a note at rushikesh@live.in

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