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Envisioning future E Ink reader

From last 2 years I am traveling very frequently and to kill my travel loneliness, I started reading, a lot of reading. However my smartphone, tablet battery used to evaporate with no time. Finally, I asked my wife (as always) should I…. and got a spontaneous response 'why do you need another device AGAIN?' But I am not a person looking to limit the number of electronic gadgets in my life, I did my best job of convincing and finally I ordered a new Kindle Paperwhite.

Finally box arrived! I was reading within a few minutes of opening the box. The device is simple and the tutorial that launches on startup tells you everything you need to know. The Kindle Paperwhite's e-ink screen has improved so much. The device feels wonderful in hand, solidly made, smooth, just the right weight and I'm able to read with one hand too.

The interface is simple, menu driven and easy to navigate and browsing on the Paperwhite is a real pleasure. Kindle’s battery life is wonderful too. I opted for the Wi-Fi only model as I can tether to my iPhone if I really need a certain book at any movement.

With my amazing experience with Kindle Paperwhite, I carry the Kindle with me everywhere and my reading volume is way up now. This is the happiness.

Obsessed with E-ink technology

This E Ink device is enhancing my experience day by day. E Ink display enables the creation of new medium for visual communication. The ePaper technology delivers the look, utility of paper encompassing broad design freedom and the ultimate readability along with low power consumption.

Better readability

E Ink enabled products are easily readable even in direct sunlight because the electronic paper component reflects light like ordinary ink on paper. E Ink provides the best digital experience for the viewer because of the stable image, wide viewing angle and reflective properties rather than emitting its own light.

Lowest Power Consumption

E Ink is bi-stable, which means it needs no power to hold an image or page of text. Due to low power technology, the images does not consume energy once set no matter how long it is displayed.

Durable and Reliable

E Ink is comprehensive environmental robust, moisture protected, block UV and mechanical protected.

Envisioning more…

As far as reading a book itself, the kindle experience is pretty good. However the kindle's biggest problem is browsing. Reading a magazine, blog, newspaper or any non-sequential piece of content where you want to jump from article to article or section to section is really poor and frustrating. It must improve.

I understand that the primary purpose of kindle is eBook reading and many of you would like to restrict the experience of Kindle for reading only.  But there's so much more to E Ink than just reading the latest bestseller on the bench. I personally feel that Amazon could take more advantage of E Ink technology and provide few apps, utilities to improve the overall experience of Kindle for readers, travelers.

I am looking forward Kindle as a travel companion than traditional eBook reader. I would love to have couple of additional features or apps on my Kindle which could take advantages of E Ink technology to provide new level of user experience. Like;

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Bluetooth with beacon – to easy sync with smartphone to get precise location and apps on kindle can get those details to act on the specific location.

View boarding pass –Smartphone battery usually get drained while switching on/off display at airport to check mobile boarding pass. Kindle could easily sync with our smartphone (with Bluetooth) and display boarding pass on home screen. It would last on screen as long as you want traditional paper boarding pass
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Need a Coffee Break? - Kindle could suggest a coffee break when any Coffee shop available nearby the reader. Any coffee enthusiast like me who doesn’t need a reason to have hot cup of coffee, would definitely appreciate this Kindle intelligence. obliviously this could be an optional and interest based configurable feature.

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Pluck Cards - E Ink display provides excellent contrast, especially good visibility in bright conditions. We could use Kindle as a digital pluck card display at airport to receive any guest.  

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There are new models like kindle voyage and there's the Kobo Aura H2O as well. All of which are sticking to E Ink displays and rightly so. But it's no longer the aggressive market it once was. That's not so much because tablets are taking over - they aren't - but the changes in one generation of eBook device to the next is rather small.

Put a new Kindle along with the old and you'll find things like more even illumination (in Paperwhite models), but it's not enough of a difference to drive a need to upgrade or switch. Therefore, there is a definite need of new form of experience, utility additions to E Ink based eBook devices.  

Please let me know your views as well.